Welcome to OSHI - Online Showcase of Herschel Images

The European Space Agency’s Herschel Space Observatory carries the largest, most powerful infrared telescope ever flown in space. During the lifetime of this mission, Herschel will study the infrared sky providing an important - and at times completely new - view of the Universe.

This gallery showcases the astronomical images obtained with this remarkable observatory.

Herschel detects infrared radiation which can penetrate the gas and dust clouds that hide objects from optical telescopes. By viewing the Universe through ‘infrared eyes’, astronomers can see deep into star-forming regions, the centres of galaxies and planetary systems. Cooler objects, such as tiny stars, molecular clouds, and even galaxies enshrouded in dust (which barely emit optical light) are revealed in the infrared. At longer infrared wavelengths dust itself emits. To learn more about the Herschel mission follow the links on the top navigation bar.

During its lifetime Herschel will reveal the cool, dusty, infrared Universe in all its glory. The Online Showcase of Herschel Images (OSHI) will become the library of Herschel’s best images, all downloadable in high resolution. As the mission progresses, more and more images will be made available. Each will be captioned in a way to make them accessible and useful to media representatives, educators and members of the general public.

The astronomical images presented on these pages are provided by the European Space Agency and the Herschel instrument consortia, unless otherwise noted. These images have been publicly released and may be used for educational or informational purposes. For further details please see the Terms and Conditions of use.

If you did not find what you were looking for in this gallery please visit the ESA Multimedia Gallery, which contains a wide range of images and videos from all of ESA’s missions, or the ESA Science & Technology image and video archive, a repository of multimedia material from the space science missions.